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RFID (IC card reader) Antenna

A Unique All-in-one Touch Solution with RFID Antenna

IC cards are used in our daily life; in vending machines, ticket machines, ATMs, convenience stores and many other places. Their application range has been getting broader.
We can implement an IC card reader/writer function into a touch screen. As "touch screen" and "IC card reader/writer antenna", the two different interfaces get united, it will be a unique all-in-one HMI.

What You Can Do with RFID Antenna.

Functions of both "touch screen" and "IC card reader/writer" can be united into a panel area otherwise these functions are separated.

What You Can Do with RFID Antenna.

As all the operations are performed within the panel area, it can provide an intuitive operational feel as well as saving space. In addition there is a lot of flexibility in design.


  • RFID Antenna supports ISO14443(A/B), FeliCa, and mobile FeliCa.
  • API software can be provided for easy development of new applications with the RFID Antenna.
  • The antenna is thin and hardly visible. It will not spoil the appearance,

Applications which the RFID Antenna is Recommendable for

  • Security terminals which use a combination of password and ID card for advanced safety.
  • The RFID Antenna may be used on an administrative terminal used by more than one person. A user may hold his ID card over the antenna before operating the terminal. Who used the terminal would be recorded, and security would be enhanced.
  • The RFID Antenna can enhance operability of vending machines with electronic money transaction capabilities.

RFID Antenna Movie

General Specifications

Frequency 13.56MHz
Communication rate 106/212/424kbps
Commmunication distance 50mm from Touch screen
Available RFID MIFARE Standard 1K, 4K, FeliCa
Interface RS-232C
Voltage DC5V
Power consumption Active:250mA, Non Active:40mA
LED LED x 2 (Green)
Controller size 60W x 30D x 6.5H mm
Resistive Touch Screen with RFID Antenna: Specification Sheet
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