4-Wire Resistive Custom Touch Screen

[Custom / Semi-Custom Touch Screen]

DMC offers both standard and custom touch solutions to fit your specific project.
Custom touch screens need to confirm total touch screen’s size, ITO film and tail specification.
It requires a development fee to make custom touch screens.

* Please confirm sales.

Outline of Touch Panel
ITO Pet film Outline for Touch Panel ITO Pet film Outline for Touch Panel

Anti Newton Ring:
Countermeasure against Newton Ring.
Index Matching:
Improve Light Transmittance.
Anti Finger Print:
Countermeasure against Finger Print.
High Definition:
Suitable for High definition LCD.

Anti Glare Hard Coat Current Lineup
Clear Hard Coat Current Lineup

Available Options
Items Options
Input finger / pen
Structure film on glass (F/G) / film on film (F/F)
Glass Thickness 0.7mm / 1.1mm / 1.8mm or designated thickness
(Chemically strengthened glass available)
Surface anti-glare / clear
Light Transmission 76% (F/F), 80% (F/G), 84+% (F/G high transmission type)
Connector Pitch 1.0mm / 1.25mm / 2.54mm or designated pitch
Adhesion sheet .170mm nonwoven fabric, .025 - .250mm PET
1.1mm urethane form, 1.4mm butyl rubber, etc.
Analog Controller TSC-34 Series (Serial), TSC-44 Series (Serial/USB)
Extended Capabilities

DMC offers various extended options such as graphic overlay/underlay for icons, and membrane switch + LED integration for function keys, etc.

General Specifications

Operating Temp. -20C to 70C* Light Transmission 76% / 80% / 84% (typical)
Operating Humidity Less than 90%RH* Surface Hardness 2H
Storing Temp. -40C to 80C* Max. Voltage DC6V
Storing Humidity Less than 95%RH* Max. Current 100mA(LR/UD), 0.5mA(XY)
Operating Load 0.5N +/- 0.3N Terminal Resistance Less than 3kohm
Operating Life Over 10 million touches (F/G) Linearity Less than +/- 2%
*No dew condensation.
Values may vary to configurations.
The more detailed specification of the 4-Wire Resistive Custom Touch Screen
should look at the PDF file here(362KB)

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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