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Quality and Environmental Policies

ISO9001/ISO14001 Quality and Environmental Policies

DMC has established quality and environmental policies that express our corporate philosophy of "achieving sustainable growth while promoting happiness throughout society."

  • We will provide products to all our markets that are high-quality and satisfy customer requirements, laws, and regulatory requirements.
  • We will measure and analyze the response of the customers and regions we serve to continuously improve our products, processes and systems.
  • We seek to reduce environmental footprint through our commitment to preventing pollution, reducing waste and saving resources.

Each staff member will understand and realize these quality and environmental policies, and implement the PDCA cycle to achieve each departmental action plan, doing the best for continuous improvement.

QMS/EMS Top management
Tatsuya Sada
Company Director and in charge of quality and environmental control

DMC has been doing it's best to improve quality and customer satisfaction with the above quality and environmental policies. Thankfully, many customers value our [reassuring quality] and [reliable support]. As a result in the Japanese industrial market, which always demands the highest quality standards, we have established a sales share of greater than 50%.

We will seek further customer satisfaction and make continuous efforts to provide high quality and reliability to customers.

Production Scenes

DMC manufactures products based on thorough quality controls throughout each process.