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General Questions

What do I need to use a touchscreen?
Touch screen, controller, controller cable and driver software are needed. In addition a host computer (in which the driver software will be installed) and a monitor (on which the touch screen will be mounted) are needed.
Example: If you want to use a 15" touch screen with a USB connection, you will needÂ…: AST-150A080A (touch screen) + TSC-54/RU (controller) + TSC-10/SC (controller cable) + driver software (provided free).
How much does a touch screen cost?
Cost of touchscreens depends on size, quantity and specifications.Please contact us for more details.
Can I buy touch screens in small quantities with quick delivery?
If we have stock, we can sell our standard touch screens in small quantities with quick delivery.
* In case we have no stock, we may need time for delivery.
I cannot mount a touch screen to an LCD successfully. Can DMC help me?
We can mount a touch screen onto the LCD for you.
*The touch screen must be provided from us for this service.