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FAQs about Capacitive Single-touch Type

What is the structure of a capacitive single-touch type (surface capacitive touch screen)?
Touch screen structure
How does a surface capacitive touch screen detect touched points?
Detection mechanism of the surface capacitive technology

A touched point is detected by utilizing electrical field variations caused by a finger.
What is the difference between surface capacitive and projected capacitive?
Projected capacitive supports multi-touch while surface capacitive supports single touch only.
Projected capacitive supports operations by gloved hands, and can be operated over a covering glass, while neither is possible with surface capacitive.
How long is the operation life of a surface capacitive Touch Screen?
50 million touches are guaranteed.
What are the range of sizes supported by the a surface capacitive Touch Screen?
Sizes supported are between 5.7" and 20.1" wide.
How should I mount a surface capacitive Touch Screen onto an LCD panel?
Refer to Mounting Tips for Capacitive Single-touch Type.