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FAQs about Capacitive Multi-touch Type

What is the difference between surface capacitive and projected capacitive?
Projected capacitive supports multi-touch while surface capacitive supports single touch only. Projected capacitive allows input with gloves. Projected capacitive can be used with a cover glass on it. Neither is possible with surface capacitive.
What is the maximum size?
Up to 32" wide.
How much of a gap distance is recommended between LCD and the touch screen?
Over 1mm.
Make the touch screen away from LCD by 1mm at least.
Refer to Recommended structure of touch screen mounted on LCD.
Can DMC mount the touch screen on LCD for me?
What OS is supported?
Win XP, Vista, 7, CE*, Linux*
*Please contact us for details.
Can I buy the touch screen without development costs?
Yes, our standard lineup can be bought without any development costs.
What is the size range of the standard lineup?
We have our standard lineup from 5.7" in to 32" in our standard line-up.
Refer to the lineups of the DUS series and EXC series.
How does it detect touched points?
How long is the operation life?
Over 50 million touches.
Can the touch screen be used with gloves?
Yes, but it depends on the thickness and material of the glove.
*Please let us know your requirements in detail.
I want to make the surface of the touch panel flat.
Yes, you can make the surface of the touch panel flat by placing covering glass on the touch screen.
Is there limitation on thickness of the covering glass?
Yes, It depends on size of the touch screen. Please contact us for details.
How many points can the touch screen detect simultaneously?
Up to 10points (it depends on touch screen size as well as thickness of the covering glass).
Can the touch screen be used with a 3.3V power supply?
No, the touch screen needs a 5V power supply.
Is the touch screen compliant with Rohs?
Recommended structure of touch screen mounted on LCD.