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Resistive Touch Screens on Multiple Monitors.(multi-display environment)

Multiple touch screens can be operated with one host computer.
DMC's touch screen controller and mouse-emulation software allow up to 4 touch screens to be operated (2 via USB + 2 via RS232C connections) with one host computer.

Feature 1
Usually, a host computer can identify multiple touch screens only if they are connected by RS232C.
With an RS232C connection, unique IRQs and port addresses are assigned to each serial port. The host computer can distinguish each touch screen by recognizing the different IRQ and port addresses.
On the other hand, multiple touch screens could not be identified with a USB connection because USB devices share the same IRQ and port address.
DMC's touch screen controller has the function to assign unique IDs (up to two IDs) to each USB controller by modifying the USB descriptor. If the touch screen controller (TSC-50/IC) has an EEPROM, the EEPROM can store the device ID information. This makes any setting in the hardware unnecessary.
Of course, calibration data can be assigned to each touch screen individually.

Feature 2
With DMC's mouse emulation software, user levels can be assigned to the connected touch screens.
User levels define the authority levels for each touch screen.

Admin: If the user level is "Admin", the touch screen can be operated at any time regardless of the operation status of the other touch screens.
Even if other touch screens are operated, the operation right will be moved to a touch screen with "Admin" authority.
User: If the user level is "User", the touch screen can be operated only when no other touch screens are operated.
If other touch screens are operated, a touch screen with "User" authority cannot be operated until operation of the other touch screens has ended.
Operation right: If one of multiple touch screens is operated, the operated touch screen owns the operation right.
A touch screen with "Admin" authority can always achieve operation right while "User" authority allows a touch screen to achieve operation right only when no other touch screens owns the operation right. In case other touch screens own the operation right, touch screen with "User" authority can achieve operation right only after certain period of time has past after the other touch screens have released the operation right.
The release time can be modified in the configuration of the mouse emulation software.

Usage example of multiple touch screens.
Customer operates a touch screen display and a clerk operate the same display from behind for monitoring and maintenance.