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DMC Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "DMC") collects customer's personal information through this Site in order to provide information and services requested by its customers as soon as possible and also to provide better services.
DMC takes very seriously it's responsibility to protect customer's personal information required for the use of services provided on this Site.
DMC hereby stipulates the Personal Information Protection Policy as stated below and will handle personal information of customers according to this policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  • Collection of Personal Information
  • Intended Use of Personal Information
  • Disclosure of Personal Information
  • Control and Security of Personal Information
  • E-mail
  • Improvements
Collection of Personal Information
In order to use services provided on this Site, customers are required to provide their personal information, including information to identify each customer or contact number.
Such information is generally required when downloading various kinds of data.
DMC shall set out the purpose and the intended use of personal information to be collected through this Site before such collection, and shall collect such information within acceptable limits.
Intended Use of Personal Information
DMC shall use personal information provided by customers for the following purposes:
  • To allow customers to use services provided on this Site;
  • To notify customers of matters necessary to use this Site;
  • To provide customers with information about our products, campaigns and benefits, the latest information and any other services on this Site, and also to send customers questionnaires in order to understand customers' needs to develop and provide better products and services, provided that, if any customer does not desire such provision of information, such customer may ask DMC to stop such services;
  • Other than the purposes described above, to use the personal information within the range permitted by customers.
Disclosure of Personal Information
  • DMC shall not disclose or provide any personal information provided by the customer to any third parties except for the cases stated below.
    • Where DMC has the consent from such customer.
    • Where disclosure is as statistic information such as aggregate data, which is processed in a manner that prevents distinction or identification of any relevant customer.
    • Where DMC consigns to any third parties for unavoidable reasons any services in producing services or developing systems for customers.
    • Where DMC consigns to any third parties any services in sending notices or delivering ordered products from DMC to the customers.
      DMC consigns a certain company to send the latest information or other information to its customers via E-mail all at once. In such case, it is necessary to present the customers' e-mail addresses to such company.
    • Where DMC is requested to disclose any personal information under any laws and regulations that DMC is required to observe.
  • DMC shall request cooperation necessary to protect the personal information to the consigned companies stated in the items 3) and 4) of the previous Section 3.1. Also, DMC shall provide the personal information to such consigned companies to the extent required for implementing the relevant purpose.
Control and Security of Personal Information
DMC shall take the following measures to appropriately control the personal information of the customers:
  • DMC shall take appropriate technical measures to prevent various risks concerning the personal information of the customers, including unauthorized access to the personal information as well as loss, misuse, unauthorized use, publication, alteration, leak and destruction of the personal information.
  • DMC shall keep the personal information in a safe environment which prohibits any unauthorized access.
On this Site, DMC may deliver the latest information related to DMC products and services to the registered customers. If any customer does not desire to receive such information from this Site via e-mail, please contact DMC.
DMC shall comply with laws and regulations and other standards of Japan relating to protection of the personal information of the customers and try to review and improve the contents of this Policy on a regular basis.