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New Resistive Touch Screen ”LST Series” will be released.


DMC released new product, “LST Series” on April 15th, 2019.

“LST Series” is resistive single touch screen with light and smooth operability like smartphone. As a first step, we released 11sizes, 5.7inch to 15.6inch on Apr 15th, and other 3 sizes (18.5inch, 19inch, 21.5inch) will be released in 2019.
Product page is coming soon.

If you would like more information about “LST Series”, please feel free to contact us from contact_us

DMC Co.,Ltd.

Part No. Diagonal Size
LST-057A070A 5.7"
LST-065A080A 6.5"
LST-070WA080A 7"W
LST-084A080A 8.4"
LST-090WA080A 9"W
LST-101WA080A 10.1"W
LST-104A080A 10.4"
LST-121B080A 12.1"
LST-121WB080A 12.1"W
LST-150B080A 15"
LST-156WB080A 15.6"W