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Analog resistive-type touch screen series.


LST | Light-Touch Model

4-wire Analog Resistive Touch Screen General Purpose Model
Light and smooth operability like smartphone
Using Smooth film material
Flick input is easier than ordinary resistive touch screens
We offer a wide lineup from 5.7 in to 21.5 in wide screens for diverse purposes.
Resistive Type Analog 4-wire Type Single Touch Anti-glare Gloved-hand operations Small-size Medium-size Large-size

AST/ ATP | Standard Model

4-wire Analog Resistive Touch Screen General Purpose Model
We offer a wide lineup from 3.8 to 21.3 in. screens for diverse purposes.
Allows comprehensive touch screen and controller support using our original controller.
Resistive Type Analog 4-wire Type Single Touch Anti-glare Gloved-hand operations Small-size Medium-size

QST Series |
Microdot Model

High specification 4-wire analog resistive touch screen series.
Fingerprint-resistant coating makes cleaning easy
Lineup of 5.7 to 15 in. touch screens
Anti-glare hard coating is easy on the eyes to increase accuracy.
Processed with anti-Newton's ring.
Micro dot system features light touch and prevents dot spacer from being distinctive.
Polyimide FPC with excellent humidity resistance
*FPC contact pitch is 1mm. Connection with DMC standard controller board TSC-54/RU-F possible.
Resistive Type 4-wire Analog Type Single Touch Gloved-hand operations Anti-glare Anti-Newron's ring Micro dot Fingerprint-resistance Small-size Medium-size

FST Series |
High-durability Model

5-wire Analog Resistive Touch Screen Series.
5-wire analog resistive touch screen series offers high durability while maintaining the usability of the 4-wire resistive touch screen.
Lineup of 10.4 to 19 in. square type touch screens.
Operation durability is 35 million or more touches, which is 3.5 times as high as the 4-wire resistive touch screen.
Resistive Type 5-wire Analog Type Single Touch Anti-glare Gloved-hand operations Small-size Medium-size

Implementation Procedures

Resistive touch screens are highly versatile and relatively easy to implement. Projected capacitive type touch screens require controller board tuning for panel size, thickness and cover glass material. Consult with us to discuss detailed specifications to ensure the best touch screen and controller for your needs.

  • STEP1

    First, please contact us here.

  • STEP2
    Opinions and ideas

    We would like to learn about customer needs and preferences.

  • STEP3

    We make proposals to satisfy individual customer needs.

  • STEP4

    If the proposals are acceptable, we provide an estimate of the costs.

  • STEP5

    If the estimates are acceptable, we conclude a contract.

  • STEP6

    We manufacture, evaluate, adjust, and mass produce products for delivery.

DMC Support System

  • Development Support
    Product Development
    • Engineers accompany sales staff.
    • Providing development support from the determination of specifications.
    • Taking account of specifications, costs, and material availability.
  • Development Support
    Development of Prototypes
    • Working together to evaluate prototype issues.
    • Revising and improving specifications upon consultation.
    • Making proposals for the ideal touch screens.
  • Supply Support
    Long-term Stable Supply
    • Essential Support during Supply Period.
    • Acquisition of a 50% Japanese market share.
    • Achieving an over 10-year supply.
  • Supply Support
    Res to small-lot production
    • Product lineup to be sold from 1 unit.
    • Providing a wide range of sizes and methods.
    • Customization is acceptable from 1,000 units per year.