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DUS-L Series :Capacitive Multi-touch Type

  • Multi-touch
  • Transparency
  • Toughness
  • Large Size

DUS-L series is the projected capacitive touch screen with covering glass.

While covering glass has been available with DUS touch screen but only for customization, DUS-L touch screens come with covering glass as standard.


  • Standard lineup from 7in wide to 21.5in wide
  • No development cost required
  • Supply in small lot quantity supported.
  • Covering glass thickness 1.8mm, clear surface finish, and chemically-strengthened
  • Less-visible electrode patterning with index matching

General Specifications

Operating Life Over 50 million touches Operating Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Surface Hardness 5H FPCMaterial Polyimide
Light Transmittance 90% Surface Finish Clear/Index matching
Spec Sheet DUS-L Series Spec Sheet
Visual Inspection Criteria Up to 22in

DUS-L Series

Product No. Size Required Controller Drawing
DUS-L070SA060A 7in wide DUS1000-01-L070SA001
DUS-L121SA060A 12.1in wide DUS2000-01-L121SA001
DUS-L156SA060A 15.6in wide DUS3000-01-L156SA001
DUS-L185SA060A 18.5in wide DUS3000-01-L185SA001
DUS-L215SA060A 21.5in wide DUS3000-01-L215SA004

*Mass production is now in preparation.
  For samples or prototypes, please contact us.

Controller Features

Standard Controller DUSx000 Series

Controller Features
Product No. DUS1000 DUS2000 DUS3000
Supporting Touch Screen Size (inch) 5.7 to 8.4 9 to 15 15.6 to 32
Substrate size(mm) 80.0 x 25.0 110.0 x 25.0 125.0 x 25.0
Voltage/Power consumption 5v / 40mA(typ) 5v / 50mA(typ) 5v / 60mA(typ)
Interface USB / Serial(TTL)
Spec sheet DUS1000 DUS2000 DUS3000

Advanced Controller DUSx100 Series

Advanced Controller DUSx100 Series
Product No. DUS3100
Supporting Touch Screen Size (inch) to 32W
Substrate Size (mm) 125.0 x 25.0
Voltage/Power Consumption 5V / 150mA(typ)
Interface USB
Spec Sheet DUS3100

Controller Cable

Product No. Photo Description Length Draw
DUS-10USB USB Cable 1,800mm

TPOffset : Touch Screen Auto-calibration Tool for DUS Series

You must download and execute the auto-calibration tool, TPOffset before using the DUS series.

DUS-L Series Mounting Instruction

Projected capacitive touch screen is sensitive to external noises, and may get adversely affected by such noises.
At structure design, please refer to the mounting instruction below and ensure enough gap distances among each component in order to avoid the external factors.

How to purchase sample

If you wish to try samples, please refer to the following information.

  • The required environment
    A computer with Windows 7 or Windows XP. The computer should have a USB port.
    (If you can prepare the above environment, you will not have to install a driver to test the touch screen.)
  • The required products
    • Touch Screen
    • Required Controller Board
    • DUS-10USB (Cable)
  • The required application tool
    Example) If you wish to test DUS-084CB060A, you will need to purchase DUS-084CB060A, DUS-1000-01-084001 and DUS-10USB, and download TPOffset from this website.
    *Please contact us for how to purchase our products.
  • How to test the touch screen.
    • Connect the controller with DUS-10USB
    • Connect the touch screen to the controller. (Insert the 2 FPCs to the connectors on the controller board, and lock them.)
    • Start the computer
    • Connect DUS-10USB with the computer via USB
    • Execute TPOffset on the computer
    • You may test the touch screen with Windows standard applications, such as Paint.
    *Multi-touch function is not available in the applications of Windows XP.
    Operations with glove or cover lens requires adjustment of the controller board before shipment.
    Please contact us if you wish to test these operations.
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