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5wire Resistive Touch Screen
:Resistive Single-touch Type

  • Glove OK
  • anti-noise
  • Stability
  • Cost

FST series is the lineup of 5wire resistive touch screens.

5wire resistive touch screen features great durability with the same usability as 4wire resistive. It has a durability up to as many as 35 million touches. Even if its surface is partly damaged, detecting function of other (undamaged) areas will not be affected.

5wire Resistive Touch Screen is Highly Durable

When the top ITO film is pressed and makes contact with the bottom glass, the contacted area will be detected via electrical conduction.
The notable characteristic of 5wire resistive is that only the bottom glass has detecting function. Even if the top ITO film is damaged, the detecting function will not be affected (except for the damaged area).

5wire Resistive Touch Screen is Highly Durable

If you are interested, go to Mechanism of 5wire Resistive Touch Screen.

General Specifications

Operating Temp. -20°C to 70°C* Light
80% (typical)
-20°C to 60°C Less than 90%RH*
Exceeding 60°C to 133.8g/m3*
Storage Temp. -40°C to 80°C* Max. Voltage DC6V
Storage Humidity -40°C to 60°C Less than 95%RH*
Exceeding 60°C to 142.9g/m3*
Max. Current 200mA(LR/UD),
Activation Force 0.05N to 0.8N Terminal Resistance Less than 200ohm
Operating Life Over 35 million touches Linearity under 2%
Spec Sheet FST Series Product Specification Sheet

*No condensation.

FST Series

All Resistive Touch screens have anti-glare surface finish.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
When designing, please be sure to check product specifications.

Part No. Diagonal Size Tail Length & Position External Dimension (E)
Active Area Dimension (A)
Glass Thickness
FST-T104C110A 10.4" 110mm
Left side
E: 248.9 x 186.7 mm
A: 215.9 x 163.8 mm
FST-T121C110A 12.1" 110mm
Left side
E: 271.3 x 205.7 mm
A: 248.9 x 187.4 mm
FST-T150C110A 15.0" 110mm
Left side
E: 332.9 x 248.9 mm
A: 307.1 x 231.1 mm
FST-T170C110A 17.0" 110mm
Left side
E: 365.4 x 290.2 mm
A: 340.0 x 272.4 mm
FST-T190C110A 19.0" 110mm
Left side
E: 406.3 x 325.4 mm
A: 380.9 x 305.6 mm

Resistive Series Mounting Instruction

At structure design, please refer to the Resistive Touch Screen Mounting Guidance below and ensure to avoid negative factors.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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