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Anti-bacterial and Privacy Protection

[Introduced Product]
15inch  5-Wire Resistive
Privacy Film
Anti-bacterial Film
[Application (machine)]
Self-checkout Machine in Hospital
Public ,  Hygienic Environment ,  Anti-bacterial / Stain resistant
[Case Overview]
This case is a self-checkout machine in a hospital. Patients' personal information appears on the display during operation. Because the usage environment is a hospital and many people are expected to use it, anti-bacterial protection was ideal.
[Solution Story]
In the beginning, we planned to propose a cost-competitive 4wire resistive touch screen.
However, in the end we proposed a 5wire resistive touch screen instead.
There was a concern that a specific area in the display ([Make Payment] button) would be touched much more than other areas and become worn faster. Unlike 4wire, 5wire resistive touch screens do not have their detection function affected by partial wear of the top film.

We applied anti-bacterial film considering the hospital environment, as well as privacy film because personal information would appear on the display.