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Remote Control Used by Large Numbers of People

[Introduced Product]
5.3inch  4-Wire Resistive
Strengthened Glass
Anti-fingerprint Film
[Application (machine)]
Remote Control in Karaoke
Public ,  Pen Input ,  Toughness ,  Anti-bacterial / Stain resistant
[Case Overview]
This case is a remote control used in a Karaoke Box. Because large numbers of people use them in the amusement environment, the remote controls can be handled aggressively; dropped or thrown etc.
[Solution Story]
Remote controls in karaoke boxes are often operated with a stylus pen because the display and buttons inside it tend to be small. We proposed a resistive touch screen which can be operated with a pen of any material.

We used smaller spacing dots which will improve the smoothness of pen writing..

The remote control would be operated by large numbers of people. We applied the anti-fingerprint film to keep the appearance of the display clean.

Considering the amusement environment, the remote control could be dropped or even thrown by users. We decided to use strengthened glass to improve the robustness.