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Outdoor Public Place

[Introduced Product]
12.1inch  Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
Covering Glass/Covering Acrylic
Strengthened Glass
[Application (machine)]
Bus-stop Monitor, Digital Signage
Outdoors/Semi-outdoors ,  Public ,  Toughness ,  Ultraviolet Resistance ,  Low Cost
[Case Overview]
This case is an operational monitor at a bus stop, with which the users can check the bus schedules, bus routes and information of the nearby facilities. Although a roof would cover the touch monitor, the installed environment was to be pretty much outside.
[Solution Story]
Because the installation environment was to be outdoor public space, the key points were toughness, wheatherability, and ultraviolet resistance in particular. After consideration, we proposed the projected capacitive touch screen from the standard lineup because it is unaffected by ultraviolet. In addition, we applied a strengthened glass of 5mm thickness to maximize the touch screen’s toughness.

The development cost to create such touch screen was minimized. All we had to do was apply a 5mm glass to our (existing) standard touch screen, and tune the controller to increase the sensitivity so that the touch screen was to recognize touches through the glass.