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Portable Terminal Tough Enough not to Be Broken When Dropped.

[Introduced Product]
6.5inch  4-Wire Resistive
Strengthened Glass
Touch Screen Protection Film
Industrial Facility
[Application (machine)]
Teaching Pendant
Toughness ,  Anti-bacterial / Stain resistant
[Case Overview]
This case is a portable teaching pendant (for teaching an industrial robot) used at a plant. An operator carries the device around and may operate it with a greasy hands.
[Solution Story]
A resistive touch screen would be ideal for this case because it is widely used for many industrial applications. But we needed extra resistance against damage because the portable device could be dropped.

We considered film/film resistive touch screen at the beginning, but gave up on this because it might spoil display clarity and moreover, not be suited to an environment of wide temperature ranges.

Eventually, we proposed film/strengthened glass resistive touch screen.

We also proposed the touch screen protection film because the display might become dirty and difficult to see, as factory operators would use it with oily hands.