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Upgrading the Current Touch Screen to the New Model.

[Introduced Product]
12.1inch  Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
Covering Glass/Covering Acrylic
[Application (machine)]
POS Terminal
Public ,  Smooth Operational Feel ,  Design
[Case Overview]
This case is a POS machine at a casino hall. Resistive touch screens were used for the machines, but the customer wanted to improve the touch screen in every aspect with the latest model.
[Solution Story]
The customer was using a resistive touch screen and wished to upgrade it. To satisfy the customer's wish, we considered how to improve such properties whose upgrade would be easily recognizable by users, such as appearance, design and operability. Eventually, we decided to replace the resistive touch screen with a projected capacitive touch screen to satisfy all the improvements.

In addition, we used a design-printed covering glass to make a flat interface which is stylish and which resolves the issue of dust accumulation in the bezel groove.

The customer is satisfied with the solution, and is now considering to create a new application that will use the multi-touch function of the projected capacitive touch screen.