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DMC CSR activities have been released in PDF format (CSR Report) to ensure availability to as many stakeholders as possible.


  • DMC has been awarded the highest gold rating for overall sustainability evaluation by EcoVadis.

    (This award places DMC in top 5% companies for overall evaluation.)

    DMC Co., Ltd. has started to take this EcoVadis assessment for overall sustainability from 2013. We received Bronze rating in 2013, and Silver rating from 2015 to 2017.

    *EvoVadis assesses suppliers based in 21 standards over 4 themes - “Environment”, “Labor Practices and Human rights”, “Fair Business Practice” and “Supply Chain”. About 20,000 global companies across 190 industry sectors in 150 countries adopt this evaluating system, and companies in top 5% rating are evaluated as “Gold”.

    * Click here for EcoVadis CSR evaluation method

  • CSR Report

    As a manufacturer specializing in touch panels that responds to trust with technology, we will contribute to the advancement of local communities.

  • Corporate Management & CSR

    For society/ the global environment/ employees, we are continuing sustainable and healthy management efforts to become a better company.

  • Product Safety & Security

    We are working to provide high quality, safe/ secure products to end users of customers and end products.

  • Management Structure

    Under our management policy, we will strive to build an environment and mechanism in which corporate governance functions effectively.

  • Fair & Equitable Business Transactions

    In order to provide high quality products, we are building cooperation/ trust relationships with business partners around the world and conducting fair trade.

  • Business Practice & Human Rights Protection

    Respecting human rights and individuality, we are developing safe, secure and comfortable working environments and are striving to maintain appropriate labor practices.

  • Environmental Conservation

    We recognize environmental issues as a company's challenge and are promoting environmental-friendly initiatives in our business activities.

  • Contribution to Regional Society

    In order to create a good society, we are implementing activities to realize a society that has no social contribution and gaps.

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting 2016

    See the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard, showing related information posted.