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Respect for human rights

DMC considers it our responsibility to respect the rights and individuality of all stakeholders throughout all group companies.


DMC protects the human rights of all employees and stakeholders as a company engaged in global business. We have established a human rights policy to guide appropriate action regarding the potential impact of our business activities on human rights, and we provide seminars to promote thorough understanding and compliance.


DMC provides seminars regarding human rights, associated social issues and movements both at home and abroad for individuals in managerial positions such as division managers for the thorough sharing of the Human Rights Policy throughout all group companies.

Compliance with Human Rights Policy

DMC has established a consultation desk to provide appropriate and prompt responses to reports and consultations regarding human rights to prevent the risk of violations. We thoroughly observe the confidentiality of individuals and prohibit the inappropriate handling of information. In addition, we recruit individuals based on their aptitude and abilities regardless of nationality, ethnicity, thinking or beliefs, religion, physical disability, gender, gender identity, or sexual preference. When recruiting individuals, we confirm age to prevent child labor. At our DMC factory in Indonesia, which has a high risk of child labor, we require all employees to submit documents to confirm their age. In addition, we prohibit forced labor. Having many non-Japanese employees working at the Indonesia Factory, DMC has established a shift system considering local customs. For example, we provide prayer times for Muslim employees.


In accordance with the corporate philosophy of “achieving sustainable growth while promoting happiness throughout society,” DMC strives to realize a sustainable society through its business while taking account of social and environmental issues. In order to do so, we place a priority on our responsibility to protect human rights.

Corporate responsibility to protect human rights

We understand the significance of our corporate responsibility to promote the protection of human rights, to protect stakeholders’ rights and individuality, and to provide a safe, secure and comfortable working environment. The DMC Human Rights Policy conforms to the International Bill of Human Rights and the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by the International Labor Organization (ILO). Responsibility for human rights protection applies to all executives and employees at DMC and its affiliated companies. We also require all our suppliers and business partners to protect human rights. If human rights are violated, we take prompt and appropriate action.

Fulfillment of our responsibility to protect human rights

DMC promotes human rights protections in accordance with the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights specified by the United Nations. DMC has established human rights due diligence processes to identify DMC business that impacts human rights and strives to reduce or prevents human rights violations. DMC continues examining the effects of such measures to respond to the potential or actual influence on and risk of human rights efficiently. In the event that DMC business activities cause a negative impact on human rights, either directly or indirectly, it shall strive to address the issue immediately through appropriate action. DMC follows the laws and regulations of the regions where it conducts business activities. In the event that there is a contradiction among internationally adopted human rights conventions and laws and regulations in individual countries and regions, DMC strives to follow international principles of human rights protection. DMC provides appropriate education and enlightenment to implement this basic policy into its business activities. We also discuss responses to potential and actual impact on human rights with stakeholders. DMC discloses the progress and results of its approaches to human rights protection on its website and reports.


DMC strives to maintain appropriate labor practices and provide a safe, secure and comfortable working environment to enable all employees to adequately exert their abilities through work.

Number of employees
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Number of employees
2016 2017 2018
Japan Male 76 74 77
Female 51 47 51
Total 127 121 128
Indonesia Male 280 316 314
Female 441 417 369
Subtotal 721 733 683
Total 848 854 811

Average age
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Average age
2016 2017 2018
Japan Male 41.0 40.0 40.9
Female 41.0 41.5 40.4
Indonesia Male 27.0 26.8 26.7
Female 24.5 24.8 25.0

Average number of working
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Average number of years of service
2016 2017 2018
Japan Male 9.0 8.7 9.3
Female 7.6 8.2 8.5
Indonesia Male 8.0 7.8 7.7
Female 6.0 6.0 6.1

Number Hired (non-consolidated)
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Number Hired (non-consolidated)
2016 2017 2018
New raduates Male 0 0 4
Female 0 0 3
Sub-Total 0 0 7
Mid-career-Recruit Male 15 7 5
Female 2 1 5
Sub-Total 17 8 10

Number of individuals in managerial positions
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Number of individuals in managerial positions
2016 2017 2018
Japan Male 13 15 16
Female 0 0 0
Total 13 15 16
Indonesia Male 45 37 33
Female 5 6 5
Total 50 43 38

Female employee ratio
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Ratio of female employees
2016 2017 2018
Japan 40.2 38.8 39.8
Indonesia 61.2 56.9 54.0


Basic Concept

DMC aims to promote diversity by developing a corporate climate that respects and accepts the individuality of each employee. DMC also places a priority on mutual understanding to be a company where all employees, including females, non-Japanese, seniors, and the disabled can work with peace of mind. We also believe that such a corporate climate allows us to produce new and flexible ideas that meet diverse customer needs and secure excellent human resources.

Promotion of Women's Empowerment

DMC promotes women’s empowerment and proactively recruits female employees. We recruit based on standards that apply regardless of gender, and provide support for career formation through our human resource development programs regardless of gender through the assignment of the right person to the right place. As a result of these policies, an outstanding female employee was appointed to a managerial position for the first time in April 2019.


Always Striving to Enable Employees to Fulfill Themselves Both in Life and Work

Hikari Ono,
Human Resource Group, Management Section

We proactively recruit female employees and evaluate individuals in a fair manner regardless of gender. DMC strives to ensure that all employees are respected, feel free to choose their lifestyle, and are able to fulfill themselves both in life and work. Individuals have different desires. Some wish to continue their careers after marrying and having children, and others wish to remain single. DMC supports employees’ dreams by ensuring that their optionsremain available and achievable. Having and raising children are no longer the sole responsibility of women. As a company, it is important for us to change systems to match diversity. We continue providing support that ensures female employees are free to choose their careers and able to make their dreams come true regardless of changes in their private lives.

Employment Continuation System (Reemployment System)

DMC has a reemployment system that allows employees with accumulated experience and knowledge to exert their abilities after retirement. Retiring employees who satisfy the requirements and express a desire to do so are eligible to continue working up to the age of 65. Losing senior employees with accumulated knowledge and experience due to retirement is a significant loss for DMC, a company whose business requires advanced skill to maintain its competitiveness. DMC utilizes senior employees to educate younger employees to improve the company’s capability in the engineering business.

Promoting the Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

DMC respects the right of individuals with disabilities to work, and actively recruits from this valuable pool of human resources. The employment rate of individuals with disabilities in 2018 was 0.81% (non-consolidated). We continue working to improve the employment rate of the disabled.

Employment Rate of Individual with Disabilities (non-consolidated basis as of June 1 each year)
Employment Rate of Individual with Disabilities(%)
2016 2017 2018
1.03 1.01 0.81


DMC improves in-house systems to allow all employees to choose their own way of working in an environment that ensures a good work-life balance according to family situation.

Approaches to Appropriate Working Hours

DMC ensures fair labor conditions for employees through employment and salary regulations specifying appropriate working hours, breaks, overtime, holiday work, salary and so forth in accordance with laws and regulations. Overtime and holiday work limits are determined through labor-management agreements negotiated with employee representatives. Overtime and holiday work are monitored each month by divisions, and we inform individual employees whose actual working hours are close to exceeding the limit to prevent excessive overtime work. In FY2018, we changed in-house systems to reduce scheduled working hours and significantly improved the rate of annual paid holiday use.

Rate of Taking Annual Paid Holidays
Rate of Annual Paid Holiday Use
2016 2017 2018
Japan Male 66 66 65
Female 79 85 100
Indonesia Male 53 55 76
Female 42 57 77

Support for Child Rearing and Nursing Care

DMC has childcare leave, nursing care leave, and childcare time systems to ensure that employees caring for children and family members requiring care can continue working during different life stages. We believe that helping employees to continue working leads to increased corporate value through the retention of competent individuals with valuable experience. Therefore, division managers have meetings with employees who are taking care of children or family members requiring nursing care to better understand the employees’ situations and promote the use of support systems.

Childcare & Nursing Care Support Systems
System Description
Childcare leave Employees caring for children under one year of age are eligible for childcare leave. In addition, employees caring for children under three years of age are eligible for the short working hour system for childcare.
Nursing care leave Employees caring for family members are eligible for nursing care leave or the short working hour system.

Human Resource Development

Basic Concept

DMC believes in individual potential and works on the improvement of in-house education systems aiming to help employees exercise their abilities and improve themselves.

Management Systems & Operations

DMC continues organizing systems and tools to improve compliance, employee capabilities and awareness of human rights protections, and develops human resources that support DMC business activities. We establish annual plans for education and training to provide employees with opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills under the supervision of their division manager. We create a framework that helps individual employees manage their targets and improve their skills. In addition, we also conduct company information sessions and school visits to secure human resources specialized in engineering that will play important roles in the future of the DMC Group.

Support to Help Employees Acquire Specialized Knowledge

The production of DMC touchscreens requires advanced knowledge and skills. To continue providing high-quality products, we ensure support that helps employees to acquire certifications specified by laws and regulations. This includes forklift operator training. In FY2017 and FY2018, DMC created manuals for all divisions to standardize and hand down business activities that depend upon individual knowledge and skills.

Training for Groups at Different Levels

DMC provides periodic group training at different levels to promote interaction and the development of human resources. We conducted training for target setting in March and April 2018. Through TV conferencing, approximately 50 employees participated in the seminars.

Group Training Overview (FY2018)
Name of the Training Subjects Description
Evaluator Training Individuals in Charge of Personnel Evaluation This training is provided to ensure proper performance ratings. Using case studies, we share evaluation points for use throughout the company among participants.
Target Setting Training Employees (excluding Managers) This training is provided to develop employee skill in setting nextterm targets utilizing the “target setting, PDCA, and growth” cycle. Participants share evaluation points.
This training focuses on specific guidelines and points used to set FY2018 targets.

Human Resource Development for Global Business

Expanding business on a global scale through factories in Indonesia and Japan, DMC enhances human resources through a system that allows employees to experience business outside Japan, a practical skills training system at a factory in Japan for Indonesia Factory employees, and a system that dispatches Japanese engineers to provide training to employees at the Indonesia Factory. DMC also holds events at the Indonesia Factory to promote cross-cultural communication. These approaches are designed to develop a corporate climate that allows all employees to exchange opinions about quality improvement, etc. with the goal of manufacturing products with consistent quality based on the same standards in both Japan and Indonesia. DMC also established a language training system that provides English lessons in Japan and Japanese lessons in Indonesia to promote smooth communication between the Head Office and the Indonesia Factory.

Location Description
Head Office (Tokyo Office), Osaka Office, Shirakawa Factory Providing periodic English lessons at each base. The curriculum consists of listening, reading and writing programs for business. The attendance rate was about 35% (as of the end of FY2018).
Indonesia Factory Setting the time to learn Japanese twice a week targeting executive trainees and individuals planning to participate in technical training in Japan.

Working Environment Safety

Basic Concept

Based on the idea that human resources are treasures for the company, DMC strives to ensure a work climate that prioritizes the safety and health of employees to create a work environment in which all the employees can fulfill their potential and find satisfaction.

Management System & Operation

To establish a safety and sanitation management system in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, DMC facilitates the assignment of Safety and Health Managers, improvement of the safety and health promotion system, the submission of proposals for improving safety and sanitation, education for safety and sanitation, and measures to improve health status. DMC holds monthly Safety and Sanitation Committee meetings to discuss basic measures to prevent risk and health impairment. The company’s industrial physician attends Safety and Sanitation Committee meetings to provide advice and instruction on improvement of the working environment and employee health, and conducts inspections at each office. In the event that the state of operations and sanitation presents a risk to health, the industrial physician has the authority to immediately take the necessary measures to correct insufficiencies. In addition, DMC conducts annual health checks to maintain employee health. The health check rate in FY2018 was 100% throughout the DMC Group.

Mental Health

DMC provides employee stress checks specified by the Industrial Safety and Health Act. We assess the stress level of individual employees, a physician provides guidance, and DMC takes measures for better employment to ensure the mental health of all employees.


DMC operates a hotline to accept reports and provide consultations for a wide range of problems that occur at the workplace. This hotline is designed to ensure the early detection of problems and to facilitate prompt and effective resolutions. DMC confirms the content of reports and consultations, takes corrective action and provides guidance. We also provide follow-up support to confirm that employees are not treated unfairly in order to provide appropriate protections. There were three reports or consultations in FY2018.

Approaches to Prevention of Labor Accidents

The DMC Group safety and sanitation management system strives to prevent labor accidents. We provide a wide range of training, including safety instruction for new graduates, the sharing of minor incidents, and training for risk assessment. Risk assessment helps identify potential risks and hazards at the workplace and removes or reduces them. In addition, the President and responsible personnel conduct periodical inspections at both Shirakawa Factory and Indonesia Factory to increase the safety awareness of on-site employees. There were no labor accidents in 2018.

Labor Accident Frequency & Severity Rate (DMC CO.,Ltd.)
FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Labor Accident Frequency Rate*1 4.8 0 0
Labor Accident Severity Rate*2 0.0047 0.0000 0.0000
Industrial Accident Frequency Rate (Electronics) 0.38 0.34 0.63
Industrial Accident Severity Rate (Electronics) 0.01 0.03 0.07
  • *1 Labor Accident Frequency Rate: Number of deaths and injuries in labor accidents per 1 million actual working hours. It shows the frequency of labor accidents.
  • *2 Labor Accident Severity Rate: Number of workdays lost per 1,000 actual working hours. It shows the severity of accidents.
  • CSR Report

    As a manufacturer specializing in touch panels that responds to trust with technology, we will contribute to the advancement of local communities.

  • Corporate Management & CSR

    For society/ the global environment/ employees, we are continuing sustainable and healthy management efforts to become a better company.

  • Product Safety & Security

    We are working to provide high quality, safe/ secure products to end users of customers and end products.

  • Management Structure

    Under our management policy, we will strive to build an environment and mechanism in which corporate governance functions effectively.

  • Fair & Equitable Business Transactions

    In order to provide high quality products, we are building cooperation/ trust relationships with business partners around the world and conducting fair trade.

  • Business Practice & Human Rights Protection

    Respecting human rights and individuality, we are developing safe, secure and comfortable working environments and are striving to maintain appropriate labor practices.

  • Environmental Conservation

    We recognize environmental issues as a company's challenge and are promoting environmental-friendly initiatives in our business activities.

  • Contribution to Regional Society

    In order to create a good society, we are implementing activities to realize a society that has no social contribution and gaps.

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting 2016

    See the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard, showing related information posted.