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DMC offers high-quality, safe and secure products to customers and end users.

Our mottos are “Customer Satisfaction, Quality and Environment First” and “Trust and Reassurance.” As a leading touchscreen manufacturer, DMC quality and environmental policies reassure and deepen trust with customers in accordance with our quality and environmental standards through an ISO9001 certified quality management system.


DMC has established quality and environmental policies that express our corporate philosophy of “achieving sustainable growth while promoting happiness throughout society.”

  • We will provide high-quality products to all our markets, products that satisfy customer requirements, laws, and regulatory requirements.
  • We will measure and analyze the response of the customers and regions we serve to continuously improve our products, processes and systems.
  • We seek to reduce our environmental footprint through our commitment to preventing pollution, reducing waste and saving resources.

Tatsuya Sada
President, DMC Co., Ltd.

DMC sets quality and environmental policies that reassure and build trust with customers in accordance with our quality and environmental policies through an ISO9001 certified quality management system.
DMC Group has acquired ISO14001 certification for its domestic factories and its Indonesia Factory.

ISO Certification Symbol of Japan

Republic of Indonesia ISO certification symbol


DMC’s quality assurance system aims to meet customer expectations for safe, high-quality products and services. We conduct a yearly review to examine and evaluate the state of our quality management system in line with our quality policy and targets to ensure constant improvement. Yearly audits are conducted by certified internal auditors. DMC promotes the sharing of product quality issues at periodic quality meetings (once a week in Japan/ twice a week in Indonesia) and applies the PDCA cycle to ensure that all employees understand quality and environmental policies and achieve action plans established by each division. In addition, Shirakawa Factory, Indonesia Factory, Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, and Nagoya Service Office acquired ISO certification for the design, development and production of touchscreens. The rate of certification by production bases of DMC Group is 100%.



DMC holds periodic product strategy meetings with the participation of the President, representatives of Sales & Planning Department, Sales Department, Engineering Division, Production Division, and Quality Assurance Division. An important DMC Group strength is to have technology, know-how, and systems that can precisely respond to a wide range of customer requests. It is important for us to accurately understand customer requests and consider detailed specifications for products. Therefore, personnel in charge of engineering visit customers with the personnel in charge of sales to have direct communication with customers.
DMC established a system to send information about customer complaints such as defects to related departments and divisions to share while responsible departments and divisions analyze the causes of such complaints and develop improvement measures. We also conduct a customer satisfaction survey once a year to identify and improve our weak points. Such approaches have allowed us to reduce complaints by 23% in FY2018 compared with the previous year.


Participation in Exhibitions

DMC exhibited touchscreens at the 22nd Embedded System Expo Spring (ESEC Spring) held in April 2019. We actively participate in exhibitions considering them to be opportunities for us not only to let people know about our products and technology, but also to communicate with manufacturers and acquire information such as market needs.


DMC performs proper chemical substances management from design to disposal to ensure the safety of our products.
We use chemical substances for our products in accordance with the laws and regulations specified by each country and promote the reduction of hazardous chemical substances that may affect people and the environment. We assess the safety of all our products to ensure that hazardous chemical substances restricted by the RoHS Directive, including lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium are not contained in or attached to our products, or to ensure that the amount of those substances contained in or attached to our products is less than what is stipulated by laws and regulations. We reduce or cease use of the substances that we determine cause risk to ensure product safety.
We obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) that describes the danger and toxicity, and precautions of chemical substances and raw ingredients containing specific chemical substances to ensure safe handling until disposal.
The Quality Assurance Division plays a central role in the proper management of chemical substances and acquires the most up-to-date information and movements to ensure a prompt response to revisions in a wide range of laws and regulations regarding chemical substances.

  • CSR Report

    As a manufacturer specializing in touch panels that responds to trust with technology, we will contribute to the advancement of local communities.

  • Corporate Management & CSR

    For society/ the global environment/ employees, we are continuing sustainable and healthy management efforts to become a better company.

  • Product Safety & Security

    We are working to provide high quality, safe/ secure products to end users of customers and end products.

  • Management Structure

    Under our management policy, we will strive to build an environment and mechanism in which corporate governance functions effectively.

  • Fair & Equitable Business Transactions

    In order to provide high quality products, we are building cooperation/ trust relationships with business partners around the world and conducting fair trade.

  • Business Practice & Human Rights Protection

    Respecting human rights and individuality, we are developing safe, secure and comfortable working environments and are striving to maintain appropriate labor practices.

  • Environmental Conservation

    We recognize environmental issues as a company's challenge and are promoting environmental-friendly initiatives in our business activities.

  • Contribution to Regional Society

    In order to create a good society, we are implementing activities to realize a society that has no social contribution and gaps.

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting 2016

    See the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard, showing related information posted.