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Contribution to Regional Society

DMC is involved in the vitalization of regional society, the restoration of areas damaged by natural disasters, and social contribution activities centering on the cultivation of the next generation to realize a sustainable society.


DMC has factories in Japan and Indonesia with a head office in Tokyo and business bases in Osaka. Based on recognition of the importance of deepening communication with residents in the community and establishing favorable relationships for the further expansion of our business, we promote cooperation with local governments and companies to contribute to the development of regional society and fulfill our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Social Contribution Activities in Japan

DMC has initiated internship programs for students in local communities to contribute to the creation of employment, and these programs continue in FY2018. DMC Group participates in council meetings held among companies at Shin-Shirakawa Business Park, where our Shirakawa Factory is located, to increase cooperation and the exchange of information as well as deepen interactions such as participation in events hosted by other companies. In addition, DMC participates in the “eyecity eco project” organized by HOYA CORPORATION Eye Care Company to collect empty cases of contact lens from 2019. Empty cases collected by DMC are recycled into reclaimed polypropylene at recycling plants and used to produce a wide variety of recycled products. Furthermore, the profit from recycled products is donated to the Japan Eye Bank Association. In addition, DMC also contributes to regional vitalization through a wide range of approaches including co-sponsorship of local firework festivals.

Interns listening intently

Social Contribution Activities in Indonesia

The Indonesia Factory conducts annual support activities for orphans and widows. In FY2018, we invited about 100 children from a childcare facility near the factory for the event immediately after a religious fast and presented them with daily necessities and food items. An earthquake and tsunami hit Sulawesi Island, Indonesia in September 2018 (approximately 1,700 km away from the current factory) and caused heavy casualties. DMC employees agreed to provide support. Four representatives visited Sulawesi Island in February 2019 and presented relief supplies directly to the victims. DMC also donated lockers and other equipment to elementary and junior high schools, and introduced its business activities while teaching 5S activities to provide students with the opportunity to learn about the importance of keeping things tidy and in order. In addition to this, we planted trees and cleaned up the town around the factory as a part of our environmental conservation activities. We continue working on a wide range of social contributions aiming to coexist with regional society.

Donating relief goods

Participants in an afforestation project


  • CSR Report

    As a manufacturer specializing in touch panels that responds to trust with technology, we will contribute to the advancement of local communities.

  • Corporate Management & CSR

    For society/ the global environment/ employees, we are continuing sustainable and healthy management efforts to become a better company.

  • Product Safety & Security

    We are working to provide high quality, safe/ secure products to end users of customers and end products.

  • Management Structure

    Under our management policy, we will strive to build an environment and mechanism in which corporate governance functions effectively.

  • Fair & Equitable Business Transactions

    In order to provide high quality products, we are building cooperation/ trust relationships with business partners around the world and conducting fair trade.

  • Business Practice & Human Rights Protection

    Respecting human rights and individuality, we are developing safe, secure and comfortable working environments and are striving to maintain appropriate labor practices.

  • Environmental Conservation

    We recognize environmental issues as a company's challenge and are promoting environmental-friendly initiatives in our business activities.

  • Contribution to Regional Society

    In order to create a good society, we are implementing activities to realize a society that has no social contribution and gaps.

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting 2016

    See the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard, showing related information posted.