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Controller Calibration on Resistive Touch Screens

Calibration is about adjusting the touch screen controller to match touched points with cursor positions (coordinates).

A resistive touch screen requires calibration before starting to use it

Calibration is usually performed in setting screen of a device driver (mouse emulation software).

Regarding DMC's resistive touch screen controller, there are two ways to calibrate it. You may choose either one.

1. Calibration is executed by host PC. Calibration data is also saved in host PC.

2. Calibration is executed by the controller. Calibration data is saved in EEPROM on controller.

The difference between 1 and 2 is as below.

1. Calibration Executed by Driver

Multiple calibration functions can be executed by the powerful CPU.

Application example: Industrial machine with 2 monitors. Calibration functions are executed in the driver.

2. Calibration Executed by Controller (EEPROM Calib. mode)

Driver development (such as for embedded devices) will be easier.
Calibration data is saved in the touch screen controller that is installed in the touch monitor. Even if the touch monitor is replaced with new one for maintenance, re-calibration will not be required.

Application example:Embedded machine, Calibration Executed by Controller (EEPROM Calib. mode)