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What DMC Can Do For You (Solution Cases)

As a professional team of touch screen producers, DMC has produced a wide variety of touch
screens to date. Our specialty is to propose the best touch solutions to each customer's needs.
Why can DMC provide the best touch solutions to you? We listen to what you want to do with the touch
screen from the product planning stage. Good communication and a trusting relationship is critical to our
solution proposals.

More than 100 Standard Models

A wide variety of standard models are available for sale. No development cost is needed.

Collaborative Product Planning

We will help you to develop machines or equipment as your trusted partner.

Considerable Experience of Customizing Touch Screens

Our touch solution proposals are based on the considerable experience of developing more than 1,000 models.

Solution Cases

We have provided touch screen solutions best suited to customers' needs.
You can check some of the actual solution cases here.

Outdoor Public Place

[Bus-stop Monitor, Digital Signage][Projected Capacitive Touch Screen]

Upgrading the Current Touch Screen to the New Model.

[Industrial Panel Computer][4-Wire Resistive]

Small Lot Quantity and Long-term Stable Supply

[Industrial Facility][4-Wire Resistive]

Product Series with Wide Specifications

[Industrial Facility][4-Wire Resistive]

Narrow Area between Bezel Edge and End of Active Area

[Industrial Facility][4-Wire Resistive]

Pen-writing Input for Conference Equipment

[Projector][4-Wire Resistive]

Anti-bacterial Property for Food Environment

[Label Printer][4-Wire Resistive]

Remote Control Used by Large Numbers of People

[Remote Control in Karaoke][4-Wire Resistive]

Anti-bacterial and Privacy Protection

[Self-checkout Machine in Hospital][5-Wire Resistive]

Require Compatible Touch Screen to replace the Current One

[Measuring Instrument][4-Wire Resistive]

Maintaining Clean Medical Equipment

[Medical Equipment][4-Wire Resistive]

Luxury Vending Machine

[Vending Machine][Projected Capacitive Touch Screen]

High Durability of Standard 4 Wire Touch Screen

[Banknote Counter][4-Wire Resistive]

Custom Size with Low Cost

[Scanner][4-Wire Resistive]

Upgrading the Current Touch Screen to the New Model.

[POS Terminal][Projected Capacitive Touch Screen]

Maintaining visibility outdoors

[Maintaining visibility outdoors][4-Wire Resistive(Air vent)]

Dealing with ultraviolet for semi-outdoor use

[POS Terminal at Gas Station][Projected Capacitive Touch Screen]