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Management Structure

In accordance with the Management Policy, DMC strives to establish environments and systems that enable our corporate governance to function effectively.


DMC Management Policy: (1) We promote fair, transparent and free competition while ensuring appropriate transactions in accordance with rules and principles; (2) We work on procurement, production and sales with social and environmental consideration that contribute to the realization of a sustainable society; (3) We provide customers with the best value to ensure mutual growth; (4) We respect the individuality of all employees as we provide a safe and secure work environment for mutual growth through sustainable business; and (5) We respect the culture and customs of our neighbors around the world as we strive to contribute to the development of society through sustainable business growth. In accordance with this policy, DMC strives to establish environments and systems that enable our corporate governance to function effectively to cultivate a corporate climate that respects the rights and benefits of our stakeholders and to reinforce a wide range of in-house systems.

Governance System

The DMC Board of Directors has responsibility for business management decisions. Composed of four Directors, the Board makes management decisions based on the results of frank discussion and reinforces its supervising functions for management. Board Meetings are held to address important matters regarding management and report the state of business performance. Group Company Meetings are held to report the state of business performance of each company, discuss and make decisions regarding business operation as USCO Group. DMC also holds Management Meetings with the participation of Directors, external advisors, and other appropriate individuals to reinforce prompt decision making, supervisory functions, and business execution functions. The members thoroughly discuss basic measures regarding business, management policy, management plans and other important issues submitted by divisions prior to Board Meetings, which enhances the optimization of decision making.

Audit System

DMC Group audits are conducted by a part-time auditor and an external accountant. Shareholder supervision rights are enhanced to allow demands for the convocation of Board of Directors Meeting in the event that a director acts outside the scope of the purpose of the company as well as for the purpose of expressing opinions. Shareholders supervise director behaviors to confirm that business is performed in accordance with laws, regulations and the articles of incorporation.


Prevention of Bribery

Basic Concept

DMC recognizes bribery and corruption as serious risk factors that have the potential to significantly damage the reputation of the company, and is committed to preventing illegal acts as well as scandals due to a lack of awareness.

DMC Group prohibits not only the inappropriate compensation of public servants and representatives of private companies for the purpose of gaining or maintaining business, but also the promise or approval of such inappropriate compensation. DMC also maintains standards for expenses regarding dining and other entertainment with business partners as well as the approval processes for such expenses, the management of business partners, and education and enlightenment activities for company executives and employees. Specifically, we require advance application for and detailed reporting after the use of customer-related entertainment expenses to prevent bribery and corruption. Any violation of these rules triggers the implementation of corrective measures and strict action against violators.

Internal Reporting System

DMC Group has established an Internal Reporting Desk to enhance the prevention and early detection of violations against laws and regulations and acts of dishonesty as well as to promote the improvement of its reliability in society. No reports were received in FY2018, and no violations against laws and regulations were reported.

Compliance Seminars

DMC strives to increase employee awareness of compliance through seminars. In FY2018, we held seminars focusing on the Subcontract Act and CSR approaches with the participation of 43 individuals, including employees in managerial positions.

Information Security

Basic Concept

DMC recognizes the importance of personal and other information received from our customers. In line with this, we have established a system to control such information and work to increase employee awareness and knowledge of the appropriate handling thereof to enhance the management system.

DMC has established “Information Management Regulations” and “Personal Information Protection and Management Regulations” for appropriate information management. We assign an Information System Manager and Personal Information Protection Manager in accordance with the regulations described above to ensure appropriate management and initiate measures for security. We also strive to increase employee awareness and knowledge of information management through in-house education. In addition, we dispose of media that contain information requiring necessary management specified by the above-mentioned regulations after physical destruction to prevent the risk of information leak. Thorough information management over subcontractors includes the requirement for recycling subcontractors to issue certificates of completion after data destruction. In FY2018, we reinforced in-house computer network information management to improve information security. In FY2019, we are planning to change security software to ensure a higher security level. In addition, we enhanced information security by installing a fingerprint authentication system for entry to and exit from the Indonesia Factory to prevent unauthorized entry and information leakage.


Risk Management System

DMC places a priority on risk management to accurately recognize risks that may have a significant influence on corporate value and business continuity, and strives to minimize damage by such risks. Every year, each division manager clarifies both internal and external issues to identify and evaluate risks associated with such issues. Measures for risk assessment and effectiveness are appropriately managed through monitoring in accordance with the management plan and targets set for each risk. Top management assesses appropriateness, validity, and effectiveness quarterly and shares its assessment with each division manager to realize effective risk management.

Approaches to Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

DMC established a BCP in preparation for emergencies to ensure the safety of human life and the continuation of business activities. When a large disaster occurs, we must continue to provide supplies to customers, which we believe leads to the promotion of employment and vitalization of the local economy. We place a priority on business continuity to prevent disruption of our supply chain. We have established an organizational structure headed by the president and subleaders assigned to perform external response, restoration, financial management and logistics support. This structure is capable of receiving top-down instructions and securing information management. Simplified manuals created in FY2018 include estimations of damage for emergencies, advanced measures for the selection and provision of priority products, emergency systems, an education plan and standards for reconsideration of the plan. In FY2019 and after, BCP Promotion members will play a central role in creating BCP formats with the responsible divisions and departments, and expanding the simplified manuals to systematic manuals based on specific measures and BCP cycle theory. We continue expanding the system of settlement, maintenance and revision of the BCP through periodical BCP education and training, and opinion exchange. We will also improve approaches to the BCP through opinion exchange with other companies, and will cooperate with companies in our supply chain, counterparts and regional communities to create an effective BCP and operation system.

  • CSR Report

    As a manufacturer specializing in touch panels that responds to trust with technology, we will contribute to the advancement of local communities.

  • Corporate Management & CSR

    For society/ the global environment/ employees, we are continuing sustainable and healthy management efforts to become a better company.

  • Product Safety & Security

    We are working to provide high quality, safe/ secure products to end users of customers and end products.

  • Management Structure

    Under our management policy, we will strive to build an environment and mechanism in which corporate governance functions effectively.

  • Fair & Equitable Business Transactions

    In order to provide high quality products, we are building cooperation/ trust relationships with business partners around the world and conducting fair trade.

  • Business Practice & Human Rights Protection

    Respecting human rights and individuality, we are developing safe, secure and comfortable working environments and are striving to maintain appropriate labor practices.

  • Environmental Conservation

    We recognize environmental issues as a company's challenge and are promoting environmental-friendly initiatives in our business activities.

  • Contribution to Regional Society

    In order to create a good society, we are implementing activities to realize a society that has no social contribution and gaps.

  • GRI Sustainability Reporting 2016

    See the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard, showing related information posted.