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DMC's Support Philosophy

We hope to be involved with many people throughout the touch screen business, and grow with
those people. We believe that connecting with people and establishing a trusting relationship through
good communications is valuable to both of us. We consider all people involved in a project as
the same team whose members share the same goal, no matter which group the person belongs to.

The foundation of our support is intimate communications based on trusting relationships.
Our definition of "support" is…
To talk things over until we can settle on the best solutions at product planning/supplying
stages in order to lead a project to success.To investigate the cause and work out solutions
together with the customers when confronted with a problem.

Why Is DMC Good at Supporting Product Development?

Abundant Product Lineups

  • We have a large lineup of standard products that are free of development cost.
  • Even for developing a customized product, cost can be saved by semi-customizing these standard products.

Many Years of Experience in Product Development

  • We have been in the touch screen business for more than 20 years.
  • We have developed more than 1,0000 customized models to date.

Original Touch Screen Controller

  • We have developed original controller boards for our touch screens. Software support is one of our strong points.
    >> DUS Series

Development Support

DMC will help you to develop a touch screen product from the planning stage.


  • Our development support starts with planning specifications of a touch screen product.
  • We take account of specification, cost, material availability and every other factor in product planning, and propose the best touch screen solution.

Building a Prototype

  • A customer installs the prototype into their machine and evaluates if it works well or not.
  • In case that a problem or room for improvement was found, we will redesign the touch screen in consultation with the customer.

Supply Support

We will set a production and supply schedule with customers in order to make a stable supply according to the schedule. If by chance a problem occurred at the mass production stage and affected the production schedule, we will do our utmost to investigate the cause and how to recover.

Stable Supply Support

  • Stable supply and support over a long period of time are critical to the industrial facility market in Japan. We have more than a 50% market share in this market.
  • Some customized products have been supplied for more than 10 years.

Small Lot Supply

  • We have a wide variety of standard products, and many of them can be supplied in low quantities.
  • Even for customized products, we can supply a lot as small as 1,000pcs per year, depending on its size and specifications.

Problems or room for improvement was found → Investigation of the cause / Search for solutions.

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