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Handling and Mounting Tips for Capacitive Single-touch Type

Handling Tips.
Touch screen
  • Do not press or scratch the product with any object with a sharp edge or end.
  • Do not forcibly bend or fold the product.
  • Do not use or store the product under a condition where the product will be exposed to water, organic solution or acid.
  • Clean the product with a soft cloth or a soft cloth with neutral detergent or alcohol. When contaminated by chemicals, wipe them off immediately with caution not to cause injury to self.
  • Please handle the controller with attention to static electricity until it is grounded.
  • Note that the controller may be susceptible to salt erosion if touched by a bare hands.
Mounting Tips.
Touch screen
  • Gap between LCD and Touch screen.
    A gap of approximately 0.7mm is needed between the LCD and the Touch Screen.
    Unexpected inputs may occur if the gap is too narrow. Even greater distance will be needed if the influence of noise is great.
  • FPC Connector Cable
    Maintain a distance of approximately 0.2mm between the FPC connector cable and the LCD. Fix the FPC connector cable firmly as a change of distance between the connector cable and LCD may affect input position accuracy.

    The FPC connector cable must not be forcibly stressed or bent too hard to avoid conduction in the insulated area and wire damage.
  • Tolerance
    There is a 0.2-0.3mm tolerance for the dimensions of the touch screen and tail. A gap must be made to allow for the tolerance in the case and the connector.
  • Mounting
    The touch screen must be held from the bottom, (e.g. when gluing the touch screen onto the display).
    If the touch screen is glued onto the bezel, the adhesion will be stressed and may cause damage to touch screen.
    Moisture may create a circuit with a metal bezel and cause unintended input under outdoor and/or humid environments. It is recommended to use a non-metal bezel in that case.
    Avoid acidic matters from getting into gaps. They may create circuits as well as cause corrosion.
  • Make sure that the polarity (+/-) is correct when connecting the power supply. Incorrect connection may cause damage to the controller.
  • Ensure that the wiring connections are correctly made.
  • The screw holes near the sensor connector (FPC cable-inserted connector) are the terminals for discharging static electricity. Make sure these screw holes are grounded. Otherwise, touch position drift may be caused by the instability of the reference potential.
  • Ground all the metal around the touch screen and controller.
    *1 Refer to the recommended connecting method.
    If the surrounding metal is not grounded, detecting accuracy will be greatly affected.
  • Do not cover the surface of the touch screen with a protection film or any other covers.
    Surface capacitive touch screens cannot be used with gloves.