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Features of DUSx100

1. Compatibility with standard controller

  • Upper compatible with DUSx000series
  • Dimensions are compatible including locations of screw holes.
    Basic performance is upper compatible.

2. Improvement of Basic Performance

  • Number of touch points
  • Drawing operation of10-point touch is supported
  • Supported size
  • Up to 60 inches
  • Response speed
  • Report rate is approximately 100Hz at 10-point touch
  • Sensitivity
  • Up to 8mm-thick cover glass is possible
  • Noise resistance
  • Greater noise resistance by high voltage driving

3. New Functions (for Customization)

  • Pen operation
  • Operation with a stylus pen (pen-point as thin as φ2mm ) is supported.
    Palm Rejection is supported.
  • Water detection
  • For avoiding malfunction caused by water on panel surface.

DUSx100 Product Lineup

Product No. DUS3100 DUS4100 DUS6100
Supporting Touch Screen Size (inch) to 32w to 46w to 60w
Substrate Size (mm) 125.0 x 25.0 160.0 x 25.0 225.0 x 30.0
Voltage/Power consumption 5V / 150mA(typ) 5V / 200mA(typ) 5V / 270mA(typ)
Interface USB
Spec Sheet DUS3100 DUS4100 DUS6100