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EXC Series :Capacitive Multi-touch Type

  • Multi-touch
  • Transparency
  • Toughness
  • Large Size

EXC series is the projected capacitive touch screen operated with a globally market-proven controller. It provides highly-reliable operation and delivers excellent performance for various applications.

Advantage of EXC Series

The controller has world-class


  • Highly noise-resistant
  • Excellent sensitivity and detection speed
  • High resolution
  • Stable linearity

Wide variety of operating
systems and computing
environments are supported.

Supported OS

  • Windows OS
  • Windows Embedded
  • DOS
  • MAC
  • Android

General Specifications

Operating Life Over 50 million touches. Operating Temperature -20C to +70C
Surface Hardness 5H Activation Force ON(Operation guarantee touch dimension >= 10PH)
Light Transmittance Over 90% FPC Material Polyimide tail
Reflectance ratio Less than 8% Matrix numbers X axis 30wire Y axis 23wire /8.4inch
X axis 52wire Y axis 40wire /15inch
Spec Sheet EXC Product Specification Sheet
Visual Inspection Criteria Up to 22in

*No condensation.

EXC Series

Touch Screen No. Diagonal Size Cont roller Drawing
(Former EXC-057B060A)
5.7inch EXC7236-0001
(Former EXC-065B060A)
6.5inch EXC7236-0002
(Former EXC-070WB060A)
7inch wide EXC7236-0003B
EXC-084B060A 8.4inch EXC7236-0004
(Former EXC-090WB060A)
9inch wide EXC7237-0002
EXC-104B060A 10.4inch EXC7237-0008
(Former EXC-121B060A)
12.1inch EXC7237-0003
(Former EXC-121WB060A)
12.1inch wide EXC7237-0037
EXC-150C060A 15inch EXC7237-0013
EXC-170B060A 17inch EXC7238-0001
EXC-190B060A 19inch EXC7238-0002B
EXC-220B060A 22inch EXC7238-0005

*The Touch Screen No. has been changed from EXC- to DUS-.
There is no change in the specifications.

EXC series controller, EXC7200 series

EXC series controller EXC7200 series
Item Spec.
Detailed specification of EXC7200 series
Parts No. EXC7236 EXC7237 EXC7238
Touch Screen size(inch) 5.7 to 8.4 9.0 to 15.0 17.0 to 32.0
Substrate size(mm) 80.0 x 28.0 125.0 x 28.0 140.0 x 28.0
Voltage/Power consumption 5v / 50mA(typ)
Interface USB / RS232C
Resolution 2048 x 2048

Controller Cable

Part No. Description Dimension Spec.
CB-SXC00 CB-SXC00 RS232C & USB combo cable.
CB-SXC00 is required to connect either CB-SXU00 or CB-SXR00 to the board.
CB-SXU00 CB-SXU00 USB cable. 1830mm -
CB-SXR00 CB-SXR00 RS232C cable. 1830mm

How to purchase sample

If you wish to try samples, please refer to the following information.

  • The required environment
    A computer with Windows 7 or Windows XP . The computer should have a USB port.
    (If you can prepare the above environment, you will not have to install a driver to test the touch screen.)
  • The required products
    • Touch Screen
    • Required Controller Board
    • CB-SXC00 (combo cable)
    • CB-SXU00 (USB cable)
    Example) You will need to purchase EXC-084B060AEXC7236- 0004, CB-SXC00 and CB-SXU00 to test EXC touch screen of 8.4 inches.
    *Please contact us for how to purchase our products.
  • How to test the touch screen.
    • Connect CB-SXU00 to the USB side of CB-SXC00.
    • Connect the controller with CB-SXC00.
    • Connect the touch screen to the controller. (Insert the 2 FPCs to the connectors on the controller board, and lock them.)
    • Start the computer
    • Connect CB-SXU00 with the computer via USB
    • You may test the touch screen with Windows standard applications, such as Paint.
    *Multi-touch function is not available in the applications of Windows XP.
    Operations with glove or cover lens requires adjustment of the controller board before shipment.
    Please contact us if you wish to test these operations.
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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
EXC series


  • Medical Device
  • Bedside Terminal
  • Self-checkout Machine in Hospital
  • POS Terminal
  • POS Terminal at Gas Stations
  • Ticket Machine
  • Automated Check-in Machine
  • Order Entry Terminal
  • Vending Machine
  • Ship Machinery
  • Arcade Game
  • Purikura (Photo Sticker Booth)
  • Casino Arcade Game
  • Digital Signage
  • ATM
  • Banknote Counter
  • Security Terminal
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