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How to Introduce Projected Capacitive Touch Screens
:Capacitive Multi-touch Type

Projected capacitive touch screen requires tuning of the controller board to match its touch screen specifications such as panel size, multi-touch function, material/thickness of covering glass. If you wish to introduce this product, we strongly recommend you to communicate with us how you want to use the touch screen and what specifications you require. We will provide you with the touch screen and controller board tuned for your needs.

1st Stage : Confirmation of Touch Screen Specification

1st Stage Confirmation of Touch Screen Specification

The below specifications must be confirmed.

  • Touch screen type? (size, model number)
  • Computing environment? (Windows7, XP, Linux….)
  • Interface? (USB or Serial)
  • Number of multi-touch points?
  • With or without covering glass, acrylic or film? If with a cover, thickness and material of the cover must be confirmed.
  • Operation via finger, glove or pen?
  • Coordinate origin point? (top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right)

2nd Stage : Prototype Production

2nd Stage Prototype Production
  • If the result of the 1st stage is a "standard product", this stage will be skipped.
  • If the required size and specifications are not in our standard lineup, prototype of a customized touch screen will be produced.

3rd Stage : Controller Tuning

3rd Stage Controller Tuning

Once the prototype touch screen has been produced, we will tune a controller board for the prototype.

4th Stage : Prototype Evaluation

4th Stage Prototype Evaluation

You will evaluate the prototype with the tuned controller, and feedback us the result. We will retune the controller board if necessary.

5th Stage : Mass Production

5th Stage Mass Production

Once the prototype has been approved, we will move to the mass production stage. We will produce a controller board for MP stage, with the approved tuning parameters. We will be ready for mass production at this point.

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