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MTR Series :Resistive Multi-touch Type

  • Multi-touch
  • Glove OK
  • anti-noise
  • Stability

Over many years, resistive touch screens have proven their excellent performance and operation-reliability in the market. We have added multi-touch (2-point touch) function to such resistive touch screens.

We may recommend projected capacitive touch screens if you expect operations like on a smart phone such as "flick" and "pinch". On the other hand, MTR is probably the perfect solution for operations requiring simultaneous touch on multiple points, such as function keys on a keyboard.


  • Dual touch function is added to a resistive touch screen.
  • There is no limitation on what materials to use for input (finger, glove, pen, etc..)
  • MTR is highly stable and resistant to external noise.

  • Detection accuracy is excellent.
  • They require a certain amount of pressure to input so that operation mistakes tend to be fewer.
  • MTR is more cost-competitive than projected capacitive.
  • MTR is highly durable. Operation is guaranteed up to as many as 10 million touches.

MTR is especially recomended if you cannnot afford operation mistakes.

  • MTR requires a certain amount of pressure to input. Unintentional input will be less frequent when an operator accidentally touches the wrong button.
  • Multi-touch function can be used for extra security against operation mistake. For example, you may design an operation terminal in a way that certain important functions can be executed only by two-points touch.

The video shows an example of operation terminal in a factory line. Some buttons are not active unless the function button (bottom left of the screen) is being touched.

General Specifications

Operating Temp -20°C to 70°C* Light Transmittance 80% (Typical value at full wavelength)
Operating Humidity -20°C to 60°C :Less than 90%RH*
Exceeding 60°C :Less than 133.8g/m3
Over 2H (by JIS pencil hardness test)
Storage Temp -40°C to 80°C* Max Voltage DC6V
Storage Humidity -40°C to 60°C :Less than 95%RH*
Exceeding 60°C :Less than 142.9g/m3
Max current Upper 100mA divided by matrix
Lower 100mA divided by matrix
Activation Force 0.05N to 0.8N Operating Life 10 million touches (by finger)
Spec Sheet MTR Product Specification Sheet

* No condensation.

MTR Standard Lineup

All Resistive Touch screens have anti-glare surface finish.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
In case you design, please be sure to check product specifications.

Part No. Diagonal Size FPC Length & Position External Dimension (E)
Viewing Area (V)
Active Area (A)
Glass Thickness
MTR-104A100B 10.4" 100mm
E: 225.8 x 177.2mm
V: 215.5 x 163.2mm
A: 211.2 x 158.4mm
MTR-121A100B 12.1" 100mm
E:260.76 x 203.3 mm
V: 250.3 x 189.3mm
A: 246 x 184.5mm
MTR-150A100B 15" 100mm
E:319.1 x 246.9mm
V: 308.43 x 232.9mm
A: 304.1 x 228.1mm

MTR Controller Board : MTR1000-1215-003



  • Operated via Windows standard HID driver.

General Specifications

Item Rating Remark
Operating Temp -20°C to +85°C(No Condensation)
Storage Temp -20°C to +85°C(No Condensation)
Supply Voltage DC4.75V to 5.25V
Method USB2.0 HID1.1 Operated via HID digitizer/HID mouse Protocol
Rate Full-speed 12[Mbps]
Dimension 65x35mm
Item Spec Sheet
MTR Controller Board (MTR1000) Product Specification Sheet

Controller Cable

Product No. description Length Draw
DUS-10USB USB Cable 1,800mm

Resistive Series Mounting Instruction

At structure design, please refer to the Resistive Touch Screen Mounting Guidance below and ensure to avoid negative factors.

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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