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Dealing with ultraviolet for semi-outdoor use

[Introduced Product]
6.5inch  Projected Capacitive Touch Screen
[Application (machine)]
POS Terminal at Gas Station
Outdoors/Semi-outdoors ,  Public ,  Glove ,  Smooth Operational Feel ,  Ultraviolet Resistance
[Case Overview]
This case is POS machine at a gas station. The machine is placed under a roof (semi-outdoors). The workers operate it with gloved-fingers.
[Solution Story]
The customer needed a touch screen that could be operated with gloved hands and resistant against ultraviolet radiation. We were deciding between a customized glass/glass resistive touch screen and a standard projected capacitive touch screen, both of which would satisfy the customer's requirements. After consideration, we selected a projected capacitive touch screen because of the lack of development cost and its advanced operability.