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Product Series with Wide Specifications

[Introduced Product]
5.7 ~ 10.4inch  4-Wire Resistive
Industrial Facility
[Application (machine)]
Industrial Facility
Durability ,  Low Cost
[Case Overview]
This case is an all-purpose LCD touch module. The customer wanted to have a variety within the product series from high-spec to low-cost products.
[Solution Story]
We proposed a 4wire resistive touch screen for the all-purpose LCD touch module because it is mostly used for industrial applications. The customer wanted to have a variety of specifications on their module product lineup. We made both low-end and high-end products by customizing our standard AST series for each.

Low-end product: Changed the film to a downgraded film. 1 million touches were guaranteed (Standard AST series guarantee 10 million touches)

High-end product: Changed the film to an upgraded film with a greater durability and anti-fingerprint function.

As we partly customized the standard touch screen, development cost was minimized (less cost than full customization).